WeatherTech WindshieldFone - Adjustable Windshield Cell Phone Holder

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Vehicles are as different on the inside as they are on the outside. Only WeatherTech’s WindshieldFone offers the versatility to adjust to unique windshield angles and dashboard sizes, while keeping your phone securely within reach on either side of the steering wheel.

This suction-mounted windshield car phone holder offers three arm options to fit different depths of dashboards:

  • A 3" arm for short dashes, or to mount so it hovers above it
  • A 5" arm for medium-sized dashboards
  • A telescopic arm that adjusts from 7¾" up to 15 5/16" to fit the deepest of dashes

Rest it on your dashboard, or mount it to hover above the dash as low as possible. For longer dashboard depths, there’s a stabilizing rubber bumper that helps keep WindshieldFone in your desired position.

WindshieldFone securely cradles most popular small and large mobile phones and their cases. Plus, its unique patent-pending Quick Lock & Release allows you to insert and remove your phone in seconds, with one hand: when you hear the click, you’re ready to roll!

As a bonus, for those long road trips when the kids get bored in the back seat, WindshieldFone can mount to passenger rear windows to keep them occupied for the whole ride.

We recommend mounting it as low as possible on your windshield to provide an unimpeded view of the road ahead.

WindshieldFone is 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, so you can trust that it’s made with care and quality in mind. Travel safely and with a full view of the road with WeatherTech’s WindshieldFone!

WindshieldFone Highlights:

  • Three arm lengths to fit differing dashboard depths:
    • Short 3" Arm
    • Medium 5" Arm
    • Attached Telescopic Arm adjusts from 7 3/4" up to 15 5/16"
  • Holder is over 1/2" deep and expands from 2.5" to 3 11/16" wide, accommodating most mobile phones
  • Stabilizing rubber bumper helps prevent excessive movement
  • Won’t obstruct your view while driving

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