To be brief, No. Laws are in place to protect consumers and allow you to have such devices as remote starters installed. However, if the added device is of questionable quality, or is installed improperly, warranty issues can be brought into play. Your best choice is to always have any remote start system installed by a professional authorized dealer.

Yes we do. We also give you the option to take the unit home and wrap it as a gift. We can also install the remote start system in the vehicle without the recipient knowing. Allowing you to get the installation done before the holidays.

First check the battery in the transmitter. If the battery is OK and your system is code learning, try reprogramming your transmitter. Your owner's manual contains the transmitter programming procedure. If this does not work, you may need to replace your transmitter.

The most common place to find batteries for your transmitter is your local Omega dealer. Many electronics stores also carry the correct battery.

Most Omega transmitters use a GP-23A 12 volt battery. We carry batteries for all transmitters starting at $2.95 each with FREE installation.

We stock most replacement transmitters depending on the model of the remote start it may be a special order part. Prices vary by remote.

You need to perform an emergency override. Most Omega alarms can be disabled by entering the vehicle, turning the ignition to the run position, then pressing the alarm's valet switch once (Some Omega systems feature a secret coded override. If this is the case, consult your owner's manual). The alarm should disarm. To prevent the alarm from accidentally rearming while the transmitter is inoperable, press and hold the valet switch for 3 seconds to put the alarm in valet mode. The alarm should respond by chirping twice and turning on the LED status indicator.

The new Omega starters have the valet switch built-in to the antennas. This is located behind the rear view mirror.

Most of our current manuals are available on or stop into our store.

Check the battery in your transmitter. If the battery is draining, it will weaken the signal being sent to your keyless entry/ security system. If you replace the battery and the problem does not go away, your system may need to be serviced.

Yes, our remote starter systems are designed to interface with virtually any vehicle that has a 12-volt electrical system, this include cars, trucks and SUVs. All remote start systems are designed to work with automatic or manual transmission vehicles with gas, diesel or hybrid engines.

Yes, although you may require addition parts and labor at the time of installation. Modules known as “Bypass Modules” are installed to temporally override the factory anti-theft while the remote is activated. These modules are generally “vehicle specific” and vary in price.

Yes and No, our systems are designed to be installed in parallel with the vehicle’s existing OEM features, this allows the user to continue using the OEM remote as they wish. However, certain vehicles turn off the OEM transmitter when the vehicle is running.

Yes, our remote starters are designed with safety in-mind. All of our systems will shut down the engine if the hood is opened, the brake pedal is pushed or when the programmed runtime expires. Our systems can easily be placed into Service Mode. This disables the remote start function if the vehicle needs to be serviced.

Yes, our remote starters are available in both automatic and manual transmission models. To safely remote start the vehicle the user must follow a “Reservation Mode” or “Ready Mode” sequence. This sequence is used to ensure that the vehicle has been left in neutral.

This would be next to impossible. All remote starters have safety and theft prevention features built-in. The ignition key must be inserted before driving, if not the engine will shut off when the brake is pressed. It is recommended to ensure the vehicle is locked at all times while the remote starter is in operation. 

Although this is an optional feature it is one of the most common requests. This feature from factory can cost hundreds of dollars when you purchase your vehicle, when added during a remote start installation it is considerably less. The keyless entry option prevents the scratching of the door that occurs when you use the key to unlock or lock the doors, you will never have to be concerned about the lock cylinder freezing in the cold weather.

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