STKR Magnetic Light Mine Professional Flashlight

STKRSKU: 00107



Hands-Free Magnetic LED Light

Based on the hugely successful Magnetic Light Mine, STKR Concepts has created a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version called the Light Mine Professional. The functionally designed protruding posts can be used as tripods or quad pods creating a 360-degree freestanding light. Boasting 250 True Lumens with 4 light settings, the Light Mine Pro will be your new favorite light for any task at hand.

360° Magnetic

Due to the spherical shape and the 12 neodymium posts, the user can accurately and securely aim the light in any direction. The magnetic legs also act as tripods allowing the user to aim the light on non-metallic surfaces. You can also use the magnetic posts as a magnetic pick up tool or nut & bolt holder.

Rear Red Light with
Roadside Hazard Mode

The Light Mine Professional offers rear facing red LEDs that allow for night vision without dilating eyes. Switch from the solid red setting to the rapid flashing hazard signal for added safety during roadside repairs.

Everyday Use

The Light Mine Professional will become your “go-to” flashlight. Keep one stuck to the side of your refrigerator so it is easily accessed during a power outage. Stick the Light Mine to your fuse box to find that flipped breaker or use it to properly light home repair jobs or DIY projects. Keep another one stuck to the side of the toolbox in your garage for quick access. Stick it to your car’s hood for engine repairs or drop it under the sink for a quick plumbing fix.

At the size of a baseball, it’s small enough to store in your cars’ glove compartment, or motorcycle saddle bags, yet powerful enough for roadside repairs or a hazard light. The potential uses are endless.


250 lumen Bright white LED

Rear red night vision/hazard light

12 Neodymium magnets to aim light at many angles

Use as a pick up tool

4 mode button switch

Weather resistant

What's Included

The STKR Concepts Light Mine Professional - LED Magnetic Task Light with Red Light - striker
Light Mine Professional
AAA batteries included

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