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In a bright environment Black Diamond absorbs all unwanted ambient light in a room. Ambient light is absorbed above, below, and even in the path of the projector, allowing the screen to maintain and preserve the projectors contrast.

900% Better Contrast

Black Diamond measured a 900% increase in contrast (S&V magazine) over matte white or gray screens. No other screen achieves these results.

Maintained ISF Calibration

Black Diamond maintains a more even calibration when transitioning from bright to dark rooms as the ambient light has much less effect on the mix of visible colors on the projection screen surface.

Up to 150″ Seamless

The best performing multiple-layered optical screen ever made, but also the largest at up to 76-inches tall making a seamless 150-inch image in 16:9.

Dark Room Enhancement

The optics in Black Diamond reduce reflected light on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The result is an immersive dark room experience without the need for blacking out adjacent walls.

All Axis Rejection

Black Diamond is capable of rejecting ambient light discretely on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Lights above and windows on the side are simultaneously rejected.


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