PRV Audio QS3000 1Ω 1-Channel Full Range Amplifier

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QS Series amplifiers are all about efficient design capable of full-range frequency response at a great price!

The QS3000 features a regulated power supply that is able to constantly deliver power and provides an unsurpassed efficiency rate of 80–90% in a small aluminum heatsink.

QS3000 1Ω
  • 3000 watts TRUE RMS certified at full range output Digital Class D Brazilian Technology
  • 1 Channel car audio amplifier stable at 1 Ohm gives you the benefit of wiring multiple speakers and dividing the power.
  • Engineered to be the most efficient full range amplifier so that you can get the most out of your vehicle’s electrical system!
  • A small footprint and compact chassis make this amplifier easy to install anywhere in the vehicle: 8.66″ Wide x 7.30″ Length x 3.00″ Height
  • 4-way protection circuitry features high voltage, low voltage, shortage, and current protection. Built-in Power/Protection/Clip LED indicators on the top panel.
Channels 1 Channel
Rated RMS Power at 14.0 V at 1 Ohm 3000 Watts
Rated RMS Power at 14.0 V at 2 Ohm 2100 Watts

QS series

The QS series is our most recent line of full bridge high wattage amplifiers. You can count on these amplifiers to deliver incredible value for your money. QS3000 at 1 Ohm Stable, also available at 2 Ohm.

Its wide frequency response allows you to use it in many different applications, such as subwoofers, midbass, midrange, full range speakers, phenolic drivers, titanium drivers, and super tweeters, among others. This versatile amplifier is the perfect solution for daily car audio systems.

QS3000 1Ω

Built-in HIGH and LOW pass filters allow the user to set the right frequency range for his equipment, from deep bass all the way to high frequencies.

This proprietary heat dissipation design will ensure a high air flow cooling fans controls its temperature to run cool on the most demanding playlists.

QS3000 1Ω

The LED indicator is a simple built-in tool that allows you to easily monitor the status of your amplifier while it is in use.

Its clipping indicator flashes at the limit of its maximum power output without any distortion, providing excellent sound performance while giving you the best value! All are protected by four-stage intelligent protection circuitry.

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