JL Audio MMR-20 Remote Controller for MediaMaster

JL AudioSKU: MMR-20-BE

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The MMR-20 is a wired remote controller engineered to add auxiliary control functionality to MediaMaster® source units. Built for marine and off-road applications, its weatherproof (IP67 rated) design places frequently used functions of your MediaMaster® source unit in a simple, intuitive design that’s easy-to-use. Its large, backlit controls and LED source indicators are easily identifiable, day or night, with brightness settings that can be adjusted using your MediaMaster® source unit.
Additional Information 
MediaMaster remote control capabilities include:
• Power On/Off
• Source Select
• Volume Up/Down
• Track Up/Down (USB & BT)
• Track Fast-Forward/Fast-Rewind (USB)
• Favorite Up/Down (Radio)
• Play/Pause (USB & BT)
• Mute/Unmute (Radio & Aux)

Warranty - 2 years

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