JL Audio M-RBC-1 Water-Resistant Remote Bass Control

JL AudioSKU: M-RBC-1

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Water-Resistant Remote Level Control for MX Monoblock Amplifiers or any JL Audio Monoblock with a “Remote Bass Control” port.

The M-RBC-1 controls the Bass Level and features a water resistant connection cover designed for use with the following JL Audio amplifiers:

MX-Series: MX300/1 (in Low Pass Mode)
MX-Series: MX500/1 (in Low Pass Mode)
MX-Series: MX600/3 (Subwoofer Channel)
HX-Series (discontinued): HX300/1 (in Low Pass Mode)
MHX-Series (discontinued): MHX300/1 (in Low Pass Mode)

The M-RBC-1 controls the Bass Level of the following JL Audio amplifiers:

JX-Series: JX250/1, JX500/1, JX500/1D, JX1000/1D ( also available)

When the M-RBC-1 is connected to the above amplifiers, it acts as an attenuator on the input gain of the amplifier and is used to adjust the overall level of the amplifier from the front of the vehicle.

The M-RBC-1 remotely controls the Bass EQ boost feature of the following JL Audio amplifiers:

Slash v3 Series: 600/1v3, 1200/1v3
Slash v2 Series: 250/1v2, 500/1v2, 1000/1v2, 450/4v2
Original Slash Series: 500/1, 1000/1, 450/4, 500/5
G-Series: All Models
A-Series: All Models
e-Series: All Models (including marine versions)
M-Series: M1400, M1700, M2150, M2250, M4300, M4500, M6450, M6600

When the M-RBC-1 is connected to the above amplifiers, the on-board "Boost" control of the amplifier is defeated and the RBC-1 becomes the active controller.

The M-RBC-1 rotary control is IPX6 water-resistant (splash-proof, not submersible) and includes a black ABS knob, mounting hardware and one 16.4 ft (5 m) cable.


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