Cobra RAD 700i Premium Detection Radar/Laser Detector

CobraSKU: 700i



The Cobra RAD 700i radar detector offers premium detection range for improved awareness and intelligent filtering software for a quieter ride. GPS-based AutoLearn™ Intelligence provides advanced intelligence that learns to reject false alert locations over time. Plus, built-in Bluetooth® links you to the Drive Smarter community for shared alerts from other connected detectors.

1. Premium Detection Range

Get radar alerts earlier and faster with an all-new antenna platform and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

2. AutoLearn™ Intelligence

Automatically silence repeated false alert locations with built-in GPS and software that gets smarter over time

3. Quieter Ride

Advanced filtering software knows what's a valid signal and what's not so you only get the right alerts at the right time

4. Shared Radar & Laser Alerts

With the Drive Smarter® app, you can share and receive radar and laser alerts from other connected detectors

5. 5-Color OLED Display

A crystal-clear OLED display let's you customize the RAD 700i display colors to match your vehicle's interior lighting

6. EZ Mag Mount™

Mount your RAD 700i detector to your vehicle's windshield simply and securely with the premium EZ Mag Mount™



Updateable Software Icon

Updateable Software

Receive new updates to firmware for improved performance and accuracy

Laser Eye Icon

LaserEye® Protection

LaserEye® detects laser signals from both the front and rear of your vehicle

Laser Eye Icon

Multaradar (MRCD/MRCT) Detection

Receive alerts for Multaradar speed camera and photo radar systems

Laser Eye Icon

Defender Database

A continuously updated database notifies you to red light/speed camera locations

Laser Eye Icon

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Faster processing of all incoming radar signals provides rapid and accurate alerts

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Built-In GPS

Get speed limit and red light/speed camera alerts in your vicinity using built-in GPS



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