Rockford Fosgate PMX-3 - Compact Digital Media Receiver with 2.7" Display



The PMX-3 compact digital media receiver, designed for marine and motorsports applications, features a 2.7"full color TFT display for optimum viewing even in full sun that is optically wet bonded to prevent any dust or moisture penetration.

The PMX-3 is IPX6 rated and uses a water resistant rotary encoder knob with white LED button illumination and front mounted sub level controls. Additionally, with features such SiriusXM tuner compatibility, Pandora control capabilities and Bluetooth audio steaming with album art support, this unit becomes a true command center of any system. Output flexibility comes with a 4x50 @ 2ohm internal amplifier or front and rear/sub output RCA's allowing the addition of aftermarket amplifiers for more power and output. Android devices equipped with limited functionality. Please refer to owners manual for details.

We've also upgraded the unit to feature a reverse camera composite video input with reverse trigger control and a day/ night display mode for better viewing in low light conditions. Finally, add in the EEprom memory system, custom GUI interface and wired remote expansion capabilities and you have the only media receiver you'll ever need.

Built In Bluetooth®

Built-In Bluetooth®

Element Ready™ - Source Units

These source units are protected against Dust, UV, Temperature, Water, Corrosion & Vibration. Rockford Fosgate’s PMX series of source units and remotes are fully tested against UV radiation degradation as well as tested to IPX water intrusion standards. We also fully test the units forever changing environmental conditions such as temperature extremes, as well as vibration testing to make sure they can take a bump and keep performing like a Rockford Fosgate product should.

Made for Android

This device supports the Google "Made for Android" protocol.


Made for iPod/iPhone

This device supports the Apple "Made for iPod/iPhone" protocol.

Made for iPod/iPhone certifies that this product has passed Apple certification for device compatibility.


Pandora® (also known as Pandora Internet Radio) is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service.


This radio is ready to accept SiriusXM® programming.

USB Playback

This source unit supports playback from a USB device.

ASTM B117 & D4329 Tested

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM): B117 Salt Fog Test Standard, D4329 UV Exposure of Plastics Test Standard.

IPX6 Water Intrusion Rating

Water projected in powerful jets from any direction shall have no harmful effects.


Maximum Power - 200 W
RMS Power - 100 W
THD and Frequency - 1% THD, 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Number of Channels - 4
DIN - 2
Volume Control - Rotary
USB Input - Yes
Tape Deck - No
Navigation - No
LCD Screen - Yes
LCD Screen Size - 2.7 in
Additional Information:
• Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) is a type of non-volatile memory used in electronic devices to store data that must be saved when power is removed
• Integrated voltage gauge w/ low voltage alert
• Wired remote ready (up to 3 remotes)
• Two-piece mounting system to secure panel to mounting surface
• Front Panel Sub Control
• Upgradeable Firmware and Bluetooth Software via USB
• IPX6 Water Intrusion Rating: Water projected in powerful jets from any direction shall have no harmful effects
• ASTM: B117 Salt Fog & D4329 UV Exposure Tested
• Single Zone output with 2 channels front full range and 2 channels rear/ subwoofer selectable rated at 2 volts
• Automotive grade AM/FM Radio, Weather band Radio digital tuner. Supports Radio Data System (RDS) to receive broadcast information
• Licensed Pandora control (Apple direct USB or BT/Android via Bluetooth)
• Made for iPhone apple certified

Front Speaker Preouts - Yes
Front Speaker Preouts Voltage - 4 V
Back Speakers Pre-Outs - Yes
Back Speakers Preouts Voltage - 4 V

Bluetooth - Compatible
MP3 - Yes
WMA - Yes
XM/Sirius Radio - Yes
iPod Connection - Yes

High-Pass Crossover - Selectable high pass crossover points for each zone
Low-Pass Crossover - Selectable low pass crossover points for each zone
Equalizer Settings - Dedicated DSP audio processors for each zone with independent 7 Band EQ + Punch EQ

Width - 4.5 inch(es) / 11.43 cm
Height - 4.2 inch(es) / 10.67 cm
Depth - 2.9 inch(es) / 7.37 cm

2 Years


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