Pioneer A-Series TS-A6881F, 4-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers (pair)

PioneerSKU: TS-A6881F



Introducing the Pioneer A-Series speakers, your ticket to a premium audio experience that won't leave your wallet feeling lighter. These speakers not only deliver better audio details with rich bass notes, louder output, and clear and balanced audio but also do it in an affordable manner.

Their sound design purposefully matches the subwoofer and full-range loudspeakers to provide seamless and smooth sound characteristics with dynamic, high-impact bass that lets you hear and feel the music, all without breaking the bank. Pioneer’s OPEN & SMOOTH sound concept ensures a seamless transition between the midrange and tweeter drivers, delivering uniform off-axis frequency response optimized for automotive applications where one or more speakers are often aimed away from the listeners’ ears.

The A-Series lineup not only expands flexibility and improves acoustic performance but also does it affordably. The integrated inline crossover network allows for increased installation flexibility without the need for an outboard module. And as an added bonus, the Pioneer A Series includes multi-fit installation adapters and tweeter mounts (when applicable) to make upgrading your car's audio system easier on your budget. Enjoy premium sound without sacrificing your savings with Pioneer A-Series speakers.

  • 4-Way Design - Enhance your car accessories with this 4-way design speaker, meaning they have separate drivers for reproducing different frequency ranges. Results in more accurate and balanced sound reproduction.
  • Power Handling - Maximum power handling of 350 watts and a continuous power handling of 80 watts, these speakers deliver dynamic sound. Crisp highs and deep lows ensure that you can experience a wide range of frequencies with clarity and accuracy.
  • Frequency Response - Receive a rich and immersive sound reproduction across different music genres. This car audio speaker contains a broad range of audio frequencies with a response range of 30 Hz to 32 kHz.
  • Sensitivity - The sensitivity rating of 90 dB ensures that the speakers can produce clear and loud sound even with lower power inputs. This means you can enjoy your music without distortion, even at higher volume levels.
  • Instruction & Operation – Please see the Owner’s Manual for full detail 


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