Google Nest Cam Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

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More relevant alerts.

See clearly.

Go back in time.

HDR and night vision help with bright, high-contrast sunlight, and give you a better image even in low light and darkness. Day or night, you can easily tell who is on or near your property.

Intelligent alerts delivered right to your phone.

Person seen

Animal seen

Vehicle seen

Familiar faces (with Nest Aware)

Sun icon

Indoors or outdoors, rain or shine.

Nest Cam is battery powered, which means installation is as easy as hanging a picture frame. Get one Nest Cam or a few so you can spot the neighbor’s dog in your yard or a delivery out front.

Snap it into place. Anyplace.

Wire-free installation is easy. You can put Nest Cam almost anywhere you want, outside or in. And since it’s battery powered, you don’t need to install it near an outlet.

Built for all conditions.

Nest Cam is battery powered and weather-resistant and you can recharge it anytime.

Compatible with most homes.

Nest Cam is designed to go anywhere. Plus, you can put it on an optional stand (sold separately) for an easy indoor placement (shown with optional stand).

Lighting bolt icon

Take action in an instant.

Nest Cam lets you check the live feed, talk through the camera, zoom in, and more.

Respond how you want.

Nest Hub display sits on table showing clip from camera feed

Look closer to see details.

See something? Zoom in to get a closer look. You can save and share clips from your phone, too.
Person looking down at phone while sitting down.

Get help if you need it.

Connect directly to the emergency services closest to your home, right through your Google Home app with a Nest Aware subscription.
A delivery person is dropping a package off at a home.

Talk through the camera.

Two-way talk helps you easily interact with delivery persons or other visitors through a built-in speaker and mic.

Stay connected.

If your Wi-Fi goes down or there’s a power outage, Nest Cam will automatically store up to one hour of recorded events in its local memory. When things are up and running again, you’ll be able to see exactly what happened. 
A pillow fort setup in the middle of a living room during a power outage

Puzzle icon

Fits your home.

A floodlight illuminates an otherwise dark driveway.

Shed more light on your security.

Spotlight any moment, even when the sun goes down. Install Nest Cam with floodlight (coming soon) to light the way for guests or draw attention to unexpected visitors.

Accessories to enhance your space.

With a range of convenient accessories, Nest Cam is designed to be versatile.
The indoor stand being used on a shelf.

Indoor stand

Set your Nest Cam on a shelf with the available stand to make indoor placement easier. The built-in cable provides continuous power.
The Nest Cam wired outside with weatherproof cable in the elements.

Weatherproof cable

If you’re installing Nest Cam outside, you have the option to hardwire it with the weatherproof cable – no charging required. And when you wire your Nest Cam, you also get access to additional Nest Aware features.

An icon of a person with a shield behind them

Protecting your privacy and security.

Nest Cam uses encrypted video, two-step verification, and enhanced security through your Google Account to help protect your family’s privacy. And a green LED light lets you know when the camera is processing or streaming video.Home & Away Routines give you the option of automatically turning your camera off when you’re home, so no video is streamed or recorded until you leave.

Family enjoying a meal together at the table.

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