KC HiLiTES FLEX ERA 4 2-Light System - 80W Spot Beam




Featuring FLEX ERA signature amber backlighting and 4 High-Density LEDs, these lights will ensure you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle that lies in your path. Proudly utilizing some of the most powerful CREE(R) LEDs on the market, this monolith of performance will allow you to take on whatever lies in your path, while still maintaining style through a signature backlit amber LED when not romping through the desert.IP68 water and dust protection with a redesigned industry-leading multi-slide die-cast construction. Advanced complex molds push the limits of form function in heat-sink design allowing us to maximize thermal efficiency and weight reduction while maintaining the signature FLEX aesthetics. This allows the FLEX ERA 4 to look sharp while continuing to burn-through the night without sacrificing performance. In classic FLEX tradition, make it yours with customizable beam patterns, trims, and covers. As if the clouds parted in the darkest of skies, the FLEX ERA 4 spot pattern throws a long and focused beam of light to illuminate your way even at high speeds.

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