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Escort ZR5 Advance Laser Gun Defense System

Portable radar detectors that include laser detectors can only alert you when they receive a signal. In most cases, this means that a police officer has already measured the speed of your vehicle and will be stepping out into the road to stop you and issue a ticket.

Escort’s ZR5 sensors do much more than simply receive a laser signal. Once they detect a measurement pattern, they can transmit a scrambled message that will confuse the laser radar gun and prevent it from obtaining a speed reading. You can slow down and cancel the transmission in seconds, allowing the officer to get a legal reading that won’t raise any eyebrows.

Portable Radar Detector Integration

As we mentioned, the ZR5 system can operate on its own using the provided controller or can be integrated with a windshield-mounted portable detector. If the ZR5 system detects LIDAR, you’ll see a message on the screen of your portable detector right away. You can press the mute button to cancel the transmission of the shifted signal once you have confirmed you are traveling at a legal speed.

ZR5 Installation and Options

Escort ZR5The ZR5 system includes five components: two ShifterMax sensors, a ShifterMax bridge, the main interface and the system controller.  We take pride in our work and will ensure that each component is mounted securely and safely for maximum reliability. Our team is fanatical about making sure the sensors are installed and aligned perfectly. The ZR5 comes with two ShifterMax sensors but can be upgraded with another set to protect the rear of your vehicle.

Add Premium Laser Radar Protection Today!

If you are interested in the Escort ZR5 system for your vehicle, drop by any of our four locations in southern British Columbia and speak with a member of our team. We’d be happy to demonstrate the ZR5 system and provide you with a quote to protect your vehicle.

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